Chia, the best plant source of Omega 3

with a high fibre and protein content 

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Our Chilean partner Benexia®, committed to nature and human health, is specialized in the production and processing of chia seeds. Thanks to unique, sustainable, and specific manufacturing technologies, Benexia® offers a variety of new natural, nutritional and functional ingredients to meet the challenges inherent to the food industry.

For over 20 years, Benexia® has been actively involved in the development of the chia industry in South America. Today, the company controls the entire chain, from cultivation to marketing, to offer high quality ingredients. Moreover, Benexia®'s expertise allows it to work with both black and white seeds, which are optimal for the processing of these Clean-Label solutions.

Discover our commitments and these unique solutions, and partner with us!

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Benexia 's ingredients allow you to incorporate the nutritional richness of chia seeds in fiber, protein and omega 3 into your recipes while offering many technological properties.

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